I AM Ready Workshop at RIX Automotive 

Keep Your Child Safe On The Road

Comprehensive Survival Skills for Your Young Driver. Get the Confidence & Knowledge of What to Do In An Emergency.


The I AM Ready Workshop Provides Our Students With Hands-On Experience

There is one instructor for every five students per class. Rest assured we will teach your driver the essentials, and more. They will learn how to:

  •     Change the tire should they have a flat.
  •     Where their spare is located.
  •     Tire pressure & how often to check it
  •     Tread wear of tires and when to replace.
  •     Learn what to do if their battery is dead whether or not another car is available.
  •     Understanding of different fluids that may be leaking and what that means.
  •     A journey under the hood of the car.
  •     We teach you how to use all the tools in the “I AM READY” bag.
  •     Getting your own “I AM READY” bag
  •     Power pack & compressor included
  •     How what, where, and when to use tools
  •     Educate on road safety
  •     Monthly driving tips delivered to text
  •     Hands on experience
  •     Safety tips