Brake Repair & Service in Mason, OH

Bringing your vehicle in for routine brake checks is essential to its overall health and safety. Regular inspections contribute to the earlier detection of worn brake pads, damaged rotors, and other brake-related problems. That’s why we highly recommend that you turn to the owner’s manual of your vehicle so that you can always bring your car to RIX Automotive in Mason, OH, as soon as your car’s brake service intervals arise.

Importance of Brake Inspections

Going too long between brake inspections can lead to many problems that could seriously affect your car’s safety while driving on the road. In reality, a lot of minor problems can go unnoticed until your car is seriously damaged, which can prove to be very costly.

An important part of a brake service is the confirmation that all different brake parts are functioning properly. From your calipers and brake hose to your brake pads and rotors, our technicians will thoroughly inspect every part, making sure that they’re all working the way they’re supposed to. If our Master ASE-certified technicians discover a problem, they’ll fix it right away, replacing the ineffective brake parts or performing a brake pad replacement.

If there’s a big problem with your brakes, you’ll notice it.

6 Common Signs Your Brakes Need Serviced

  1. When pressing the brake pedal you hear a loud screeching or grinding noise
  2. When braking, you notice a strong pulling of your car to one side
  3. Your steering wheel is shaking
  4. Your car needs more stopping time to slow down

Schedule Brake Service

If you experience any of these signs, we encourage you to bring your vehicle to our Mason brake repair shop for a thorough inspection. Even if you are uncertain about what you’ve experienced or what you’ve heard, we always recommend bringing in your car. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Our service technicians will gladly check your car out to ensure it's running the way it should!

When you need brake service in Mason, OH, look no further than the experts here at RIX Automotive. Feel free to drop by our shop if you need assistance or schedule a visit using our online appointment form today.