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Helpful Ways to Prep Your Car for the Winter

The transition into the cold winter season is here, and (if you haven't already), you should start making changes to your car to ensure it remains safe and reliable throughout the winter. As you may know, maintenance and auto repairs need to be performed throughout the year, especially in the colder months. Winter brings about many challenges including, unbearably low temperatures, snowy/icy conditions, weak car batteries, and poor tire traction. To help combat these obstacles, you should follow the steps below to prepare your car for the season: 

  • Check Your Tires: Before you head out on the cold, open road, you should check your tire tread to ensure they can give you proper traction. If they're running low, it's best to have your tires replaced. Furthermore, you should check tire air pressure frequently, as the air in your tires usually contracts due to the cold. Running on low tire pressure can wear down your tires prematurely.
  • Test Your Battery: The frigid temperatures can weaken your battery, making it difficult to hold a charge. It's important that you have your battery tested if you need a replacement. Also, you should ensure there is no corrosion on the terminals.
  • Brake Inspection: The road can be incredibly slippery and wet this time of year. A professional can check the brakes pad for wear and tear and top off your brake fluid to ensure your car can effectively stop and slow down. 
  • Run Your Defroster and Heater: The climate control systems and defroster not only help keep you warm, but they prevent your windows and windshield from fogging up. If you want to see through your windshield clearly, you must ensure this function works.
  • Replace Wiper Blades and Top Off Washer Fluid: This season, you will constantly use your wiper blades to wipe off the condensation, snow, and ice. These maintenance items are inexpensive and easy to do, and they'll help attain adequate visibility.

If you need help winterizing your vehicle in Mason, OH, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Rix Automotive.