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Top 10 Signs Your Brakes Need to Be Replaced

Car brakes are perhaps one of the most important elements of a vehicle. Good breaks are a need and so are regular brake checks. We've compiled a list of the top 10 most important signs your brakes need to be replaced.

1. Brakes Screeching

Screeching noises coming from your brakes is perhaps one of the most obvious signs that it's time to have your brakes replaced. The sound usually means that your brake pads have worn and that your brakes are coming into direct contact with the disc.

2. Soft Brake Pedals

Soft brake pedals are another tell-tale sign that a replacement is needed. A good amount of pressure is needed for car brakes to function effectively. The reason for the soft pedals could be a leak or air bubbles in the brake lines.

3. Rigid Brake Pedals

Rigid or stiff brakes also mean it's time for a change. In this case the brakes refuse to move no matter the pressure applied. This could be due to malfunctioning brake rotors or brake fluid.

4. Car Vibrations

Brake pedal vibrations often mean rotor problems. This vibration is sometimes accompanied by audible grinding noises which can be heard while driving. These vibrations sometimes occur due to cold whether, however; if you still notice the vibrations even in hot whether, your brakes may need to be replaced.

5. Brake Noises with New Breaks

If after replacing your brakes, you still hear weird noises coming from them, this could indicate rotor problems and they may need to be replaced. Check your rotor for any dark rings and or blue marks caused by excessive breaking.

6. Dashboard Warning Light Is On

Some cars have a brake light warning on their dashboard and having this come on means it's time to have the brakes checked. Do not ignore this sign regardless of how your brakes feel or sound.

7. Weird Smells

It's always safer to have your vehicle checked up if it starts to emit weird smells. This is usually a sign of something malfunctioning.

8. Steering Wheel Shudders

If your steering wheel shudders upon you stepping on the brakes this could mean one of two things. Either your wheel alignment is off or your brakes are malfunctioning and in need of a replacement.

9. Brakes Squealing

Squealing noises come from rusted or malfunctioning brake rotors. This means it's time for a replacement.

10. Car Pulling Towards one Side

Your car pulling to one side of the road while driving could mean that your brake lining is wearing unevenly. This is caused be foreign particles within your brake fluid and the fluid needs replacement.

Now that you know some important signs that your brakes need to be replaced, If you need brake service, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Rix Automotive today!