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What Are Signs of Bad Fuel Injectors?

Fuel injectors are an important part of your car's engine since they aid fuel combustion. If you don't maintain or repair the fuel injectors regularly, your car will probably experience fuel combustion issues. You need to consult with experts at our trusted maintenance and repair shop for regular engine maintenance to prevent issues such as fuel injector defects.


So What Are Fuel Injectors?

Fuel injectors infuse fuel or gas in the manifold. As the components enter the manifold, they mix and get compressed into the combustion chamber, igniting a reaction to power the engine. Injectors were invented to replace old carburetor systems since they help engines run with better fuel efficiency and reduce fuel emissions. Read on to know some tell-tale signs your car's fuel injectors have gone bad.


Stalled Engine

If your engine turns off instantly, it could be because the fuel from the fuel injectors may be blocked from reaching the engine. This scenario normally happens when fuel leaks where the injectors connect with fuel lines or when nozzles get blocked.


Engine Misfires

Engine misfires occur when fuel injectors are blocked or clogged with dirt. That's why you should keep the fuel injectors clean to prevent blockages and engine damage. Driving a car with engine misfires can render the engine defective.


Fuel Leakage

Some signs your car is leaking fuel could be abnormal frequent refueling patterns and fuel smells. If you have experienced such issues, there could be a high probability the fuel injectors are faulty. To eliminate this issue, you may need to replace or maintain the fuel injectors.


Heavy Car Emissions

Fuel injectors were introduced to reduce car emissions. However, sometimes you may notice your car releasing heavy emissions. It could be an indicator of unmaintained fuel injectors, and you need to get a mechanic to look into the matter.


That's why we are here to help you with the information and services you need regarding fuel injector maintenance, repairs, and replacements. If you need fuel injector repair performed, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Rix Automotive in Mason, OH! You can also schedule an appointment with us online today.