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What Are the Warning Signs of an Aging Timing Belt?

A small part of the vehicle that frequently goes ignored is the timing belt. It is however a very important part because without it, your car becomes an immobile locomotive. So how can you tell when your timing belt needs replacement?

Signs that your timing belt needs a change

Perhaps more significant than distance is time when it comes to the timing belt. The average manufacturer recommends a timing belt with a maximum life of seven years. For instance, even though the vehicle has 20,000 miles on it but is seven years old, the belt needs to be replaced.

Misfiring engines

Timing belts that are too worn-out may slide along on the engine's camshaft or throw the valves out of order. Engine misfiring and piston malfunction are the results of this. Additionally, you can observe subpar engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Trouble starting the engine

If the automobile doesn't ignite at all, the timing belt is likely broken. Whenever the timing belt snaps while the vehicle is in motion, catastrophic engine damage is frequently predicted.

Ticking sounds

The cylinder head valve that carries burned gasoline within the exhaust compartment are out of synchronization when the timing belt starts to wear down because it is connected to the cam/crankshaft via a number of pulleys. This will produce an audible ticking sound, which should be seen as a warning sign for your belt.

Oil leaks from the front

If the timing belt is getting old, the engine might spill oil from the belt cover. A number of bolts and nuts that hold the lid in place could loosen over time. When the seal between the engine compartment and cover deteriorates or cracks, oil leakage will also result. The engine could overheat and unexpectedly wear down the timing belt as a cause of the oil leak.

Timing Belt Replacement in Mason, OH

A vital part of the engine in your car is the timing belt. It can lead to engine failure if it's damaged. If you need a timing belt change, there is no better place to go than Rix Automotive in Mason, OH.