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5 Car Care Tips for Spring

It is often wet during Spring, meaning driving is risky. To drive safely during Spring, you should ensure you properly maintain your vehicle. The following tips should help you take care of your car during the Spring:

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not only for your house, it is for your car too. As the ice thaws, a lot of the dirt that accumulated in your car over winter starts to show.
A spring cleaning will give your car the aesthetic you want while making it easy to maintain it.

Replace The Fluids

Fluids solidify during winter, meaning you have to add various elements to make them flow better. These elements are unnecessary during Spring, so replacing the fluids in your car is mandatory.
The steering, brake, and washer fluids should all be changed. Also, change the oil and coolant so your engine cools properly.

Keep The Battery Running

Winter's cold harms a car's battery which is why it will sometimes fail to start. To care for your car during spring, you should regularly check the battery.
Ensure all the necessary fluids are present and the cables connect properly to the nodes on the battery. Remove any corrosion present on the battery nodes.

Fix The Tires

Winter tires are not great for Spring. You will use regular tires during Spring, so you must check them.
Ensure they are properly inflated and have treads that are deep enough. Rotating the wheels also helps.

Replace The Windshield Wiper

Visibility is key during Spring, as it will be raining plenty, so consider replacing your windshield wipers.
Replace the rubber part of the windshield wiper or the entire wiper for safer driving.

To get your car ready for Spring, bring your vehicle to Rix Automotive today!