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What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean?

If you're driving your car and the steering system warning light suddenly comes on, your first instinct might be to panic and pull over to the side of the road so you can assess the problem. The steering system warning light could be signaling any number of problems. But it probably isn't anything that will result in an immediate breakdown of your vehicle or cause permanent damage to your steering system.

Meaning of the Light

If your steering system warning light is illuminated, it means there's a fault in one of your power steering components. You should get it checked as soon as possible

Hydraulic Power Steering Systems

These systems use fluid power to deliver a controlled level of assistance at low speeds. As you increase your speed, however, more force is required to move the wheels and provide steering assistance. To indicate that there's a problem with these systems, most cars will flash or illuminate a Power Steering warning light in your instrument cluster or center console.

If your vehicle is having power steering issues, there may be something wrong with your hydraulic fluid level or it could mean there's a problem with one of your hoses. It also means that you need to have someone check out all of these components to ensure they are operating properly and free from damage.

Electric Power Steering Systems

If your car has an electric power steering system, you might see a warning on your dashboard. The light is connected to sensors in your steering that monitor electrical power. If there's an issue with this area, you'll see a warning on your dashboard. One big hint that you have issues in your steering system is if you hear loud noises coming from under your hood when turning.

Is it Safe to Drive with the Steering System Warning Light On?

It is fine to drive your car when you notice that your steering system warning light is on. It just means there is a problem with your power steering fluid and you will need to take your car in for service. If you require power steering repair, call Rix Automotive today!